If your next goal is to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine
at university – there could be an exciting alternative to uk universities!

MedicalStudiesEurope.co.uk is a recent addition to the portfolio of services available from PrimaHC Ltd based in the West Midlands.

Through PrimaHC Ltd and our associates, we have established strong links within the medical and care sectors throughout the UK. As a result, we have taken a keen interest in the process of educating and developing future generations of medical students.

We are very aware that it is not always possible for prospective medical and dental students to realise their ambition to gain a place at UK medical universities despite having achieved good A Level grades. However, access to medical universities in other EU countries provides an alternative pathway to achieving the same goal.

We can guide you towards universities in countries such as Bulgaria and Romania where:

We will guide you through the application process to your chosen university providing you with the essential information and contacts you will need to the point where your course begins. We will also take care of all the related administration so you can concentrate on your examinations.

After registering with ourselves, we will work with you to ensure your application complies with the requirements of the university and assist you with the preparation of any additional documents you may need which may in some instances require documents to be translated and/or legalized.

For a number of universities we have arrangements in place with banks which provide student loans to ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

You and your family can be assured that we will help you to secure your university place and start the process of achieving your goals!

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