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All medical degree courses taught in the EU are generally recognised throughout the EU – including the United Kingdom. However, before you commit to a specific course and for your own peace of mind you should check with the General Medical Council or other relevant regulator that the course offered by the university you have in mind will be valid in the UK or other EU countries.
For many students who choose to study abroad, it is the first time they will have been away from friends and family. As it will not be a bus ride back home, this will be a consideration. Although, the degree course will be taught in English, you will be expected to learn the language of the country where you are studying. This will be important as the course progresses – especially if the course involves practical sessions in a hospital or dental practice for example. Understanding the language is also important for everyday living and communication – so a willingness and ability to work hard at learning the local language is also a consideration.
Entrance requirements vary between universities. These requirements are generally less demanding than is the case with UK universities – however, EU universities are also keen to take high quality students and therefore the best advice we can give you is to work hard to ensure you achieve the best grades you can and in addition to your exam grades, ensure that in an interview situation you can demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject and the career path you wish to follow.
You don’t have to – but there are very real benefits in doing so:
  • An agent can save you a lot of time as they will know the procedure and have contacts in the university locations
  • An agent should have ready access to the resources needed to ensure trustworthy translation of documents and ‘legalisation’ of documents to a standard expected by each university.
  • It can be time consuming and tricky communicating with some universities
  • Any time we can save you is time you can invest in your studies so that you can achieve those all important grades!
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