If your next goal is to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine
at university – there could be an exciting alternative to uk universities!

Our Featured University – The Medical University of Varna (Medicine and Dentistry)

The city of Varna is situated on the Northern coast of the Black Sea. It is the third largest city in Bulgaria and a major industrial, cultural, tourist and academic centre.

The Faculty of Medicine at Varna has more than half a century of history and tradition. Nearly 10,000 medical students currently attend the University, 1500 of them being foreign nationals.

Teaching methods embrace the latest technologies – including 3D anatomy training and a system for complementary e-learning.

The training in clinical medical disciplines is carried out at 5 hospitals in Varna including the St Marina University Hospital which is the largest diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative hospital in North Eastern Bulgaria, providing services to the whole country.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in 2006. It is made up of five departments accommodated within a brand new state of the art fully equipped building which opened in 2008. This is one of the youngest and most modern dental faculties in the Balkans. The first academic centre of implantology in Bulgaria was opened at the Faculty in 2009 providing students with the opportunity to study the latest developments in implant science and practice.

The admission officers and the Student Affairs office at the medical University of Varna provide ongoing support to students and their parents. There is always someone you can turn to who will be ready to listen to any concerns or problems you may have.

The University organises open days at intervals throughout the year for prospective students and their parents providing an opportunity to see the facilities and meet current students and university staff.

Medicine and Dental Medicine programmes are both available in English. The courses last for 6 years and annual tuition fees are €8,000. Average monthly living expenses are estimated at €250 to €350 per month. These degrees are valid in the UK and EU.

Student life at Varna Medical University is vibrant and there is always something for everyone from academic activities to sport, music, theatre, food and charity initiatives.

Dates for Open Days
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